Many ideas come from trying to solve a problem. Book Wizard Hub Inc. came to life because of an author watching Dragon’s Den. One of the Dragons asked the question, “What is your complaint? What do you bitch about? Now find a solution.”

This was Connie’s complaint. Constance Santego, founder and CEO of Book Wizard Hub Inc., had been trying to find an agent. Not just trying to find an agent that would offer her a book deal, but to actually just finding an agent that matched her criteria. If you are an author and have been pitching your book idea, you know exactly what she is complaining about. Trying to find an agent isn’t easy.

Solution . . . An easy way to find an agent!

Eureka!!! Now it is as easy as swiping.

BUT . . . Connie was also a businesswoman and decided that to help the authors she needed to also help the agents. Agents have a tough job. Really, they do.

Think about it. A normal workday is eight hours, but many agents work more than eight hours a day. Pretend you are an agent, and you have hundreds of queries coming through your email. Your day does not only consists of reading these query submissions, but it also consists of looking after your already signed authors. As an agent, your signed authors are your business partner, and you have the hard part of the relationship. You have to make the money to support both of you. You have to find a publisher that wants to sell your author’s book, create the perfect contract, and negotiate what the book will be worth. You, as the agent, have to believe that this book and relationship are worth your time and effort!

Here at Book Wizard Hub, to make the agent’s life easier, we have created a way that the agents can secretly swipe through pitches and find you, their next bestseller!


At Book Wizard Hub, we genre match Authors to Agents in a way that is simple, quick, and easy to use.


Genre Matching Authors to Agents and vice versa, from anywhere in the world!


To continually be the world’s most recognized and sought-after genre matching app


To make the life of matching an Author to an Agent easier!

Authors, are you ready to find your agent?

Agents, are you ready to find your next bestseller?

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