An event where writers can pitch their fiction, nonfiction, and poetry for literary agents to read. 

If you’re a querying writer and have been emailing literary agents, you know the frustration of catching their attention. BookWizard Hub has a new take on “Pitchfest.” Instead of one day, a few times a year, your pitch can now be read 24/7/365 by agents worldwide.

If you have a completed, agent-ready manuscript or book proposal, pitch it!

You want your pitch quick and sweet to instantly grab the agent’s attention!

You will be creating a 280-character pitch for your book.

It takes a busy agent less time and less effort to read and respond to an exciting pitch than a long email query. Agents love that they can secretly read the pitches at their leisure and have the option of “liking” your pitch, viewing your bio, query, synopsis, and even asking for a full manuscript or book proposal.

  • To learn how to get your “Pitch It!” query ready, read more
  • To watch videos about how to query an agent, click here.

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