NOTE: For BookWizard we require; a 280 character pitch, including # abbrivated genres, and a one-sentence pitch.

The HOOK – the point of your story in 15 seconds!

One Sentence Pitch – also known as a logline, is a super-tight yet concise description of your story, specifically the plot of your story. Within that sentence you need to harness the soul of your story (the plot) in a simple, concise, and hooking pitch.

Pretend you are meeting someone for the first time… “Hi, I am Constance Santego. I live in Kelowna, BC Canada. I am an author,” That pitch is precise, but would bore the pants off the reader. How about, “Hi, I’m Connie and I write spiritual novels while soaking up the sun in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, the Hawaii of Canada.

Now let’s try one for a novel… “My book is about Lexi and her dead sister.” That pitch would make someone go, next. How about shifting it to read, “Imagine finding out that your loved one’s soul didn’t make it into Heaven… a harrowing tale of saving her sister’s soul.”

BASICS of a Pitch

  1. Genre – # (Pitch – 280 characters, and yes it does count spaces, and also line breaks (it counts when you hit return as a character).
  2. Who is the hero?
  3. What’s interesting, different, surprising about them? (Can also be described as the Setup)
  4. What do they want/desire/dream about? Or what are they fighting against?
  5. What is the inciting incident that pushes them into the plot?
  6. What is keeping them from reaching their goal, realizing their dreams? What is the conflict(s) or the obstacles facing them?
  7. Is there a twist? If so, what is it? (This could also be seen as “the stakes.” Example: or the world will blow up, or she’ll be stuck in Oz forever,…)
  8. Where does the hero end up?
    1. 1. Full Arc: [Who] + [Inciting Incident] + [Goal] + [Obstacle] + [Stakes]
    1. 2. Mini-Arc [who] + [goal] + [conflict] + [stakes]
    1. 3. The Intriguing Setup Only: [Who] + [Conflict] + [Desire]
    1. Or [Who] + [Desire] + [Conflict]
    1. 4. Twisty Teaser: [Setup] + [Who] + [Twist]

280 Character Pitch – PitMad ( uses Twitter. #PitMad is the original Twitter pitch event, where writers tweet a 280-character pitch for their completed, polished, unpublished manuscripts. No previously published works. Agents and editors make requests by liking/favoriting the tweeted pitch. You can submit 3 differently written pitches.

#PitMad occurs quarterly. March, June, Sept, and Dec.

# count in the number of characters you are using. You must use #PitMad and two other # that describe your genre. #A = adult, #MR = mystical realism (see bottom of this page for a list)

EXAMPLE of 280 characters for PitMad


Lexi, what are you talking about? You know ghosts aren’t real!

Mom, you’re not listening. Her soul is in trouble and I have to find her. It’s her only chance through those pearly gates. Whatever I need to do even if that means I have to venture into the spirit world #PitMad #A #MR


The Journey of a Soul

First, you must believe.

Second, you must pass the evaluation exam.

Lexi loved her sister so much that she would do anything to save her. As it turns out, anything means a journey into the unknown of the occult… ghosts aren’t real… are they?  #PitMad #A #MR



Lexi, a New York fashion designer, must deviate from her Christian beliefs and journeys into the mystic world of the occult to save her sister’s soul from being devoured by dark energies, but how do rescue a nonbelieving soul? #PitMad #A #MRP

Other Types of Pitches

2-Minute Conference Pitch – giving your pitch during a pitch session, when the writer has signed up for an appointment with an agent.

Light up when you tell them the story. Share your passion. Nail your pitch in two succinct sentences. Three at most. 

Yes, you are going to tell them about your manuscript BUT… remember they are there on your first date too, they like to talk also. They are great resources, brainstormers, question-answerers, page-requesters… Research them before you speak.

For a 10-minute pitch appointment, plan to spend about 2 minutes talking about your book and 8 minutes interacting with the agent. Include one thing about yourself that will make you memorable.

On request, have ready 10 pages and a query to give the agent (BUT only if they ask for it).

Hollywood-Style PITCH

AKA ‘Sticky Mash-Up’
Great for genre fiction. You simply describe your novel as a mix of two other well-known (and profitable!) books, songs, events, fables, movies, or TV.
For example: “It’s ‘Twilight’ meets ‘Harry Potter’.” 


Ghost Whisperer meets Lucifer with a hint of the God Father while rescuing What Dreams May Come. Determined to save her sister’s soul, Lexi is going to do the unthinkable, enter the damnation of the underworld, only to find. . . #PitMad #A #P

# Sub-Hashtags

You can use the following sub-hashtags to categorize your book, making it easier for agents and editors to find your pitch. We only require the #pitmad hashtag and one age category hashtag. The additional hashtags are suggested as a courtesy and listed here in order to reduce confusion.

Age Categories (one is required):

#PB = Picture Book
#C = Children’s
#CB = Chapter Book
#MG = Middle Grade
#YA = Young Adult
#NA = New Adult
#A = Adult

Genres/Sub-genres (optional):

#AC = Action
#AD = Adventure
#BIZ = Bizarro Fiction
#CF = Christian Fiction
#CON = Contemporary
#CR = Contemporary Romance
#E = Erotica
#ER = Erotic Romance
#ES = Erotica Suspense
#F = Fantasy
#FTA = Fairy Tale Retelling
#GN = Graphic Novel
#H = Horror
#HA = Humor
#HF = Historical Fiction
#HR = Historical Romance
#INSP = Inspirational
#MR = Magical Realism
#M = Mystery
#Mem = Memoir
#MA = Mainstream
#LF = Literary Fiction
#NF = Non-fiction
#P = Paranormal
#PR = Paranormal Romance
#PM = Poetry Collection
#R = Romance
#RS = Romantic Suspense
#STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics
#SF = SciFi
#SHRT = Short Story Collection
#SPF = Speculative Fiction
#SH = Superhero
#S = Suspense
#T = Thriller
#TT = Time Travel
#UF = Urban Fantasy
#VF = Visionary Fiction
#W = Westerns
#WF = Woman’s Fiction

Additional hashtags (optional):

#BVM = Black Voices Matter (to be used by black creators)
#POC = Author is a Person of Color
#OWN = Own Voices
#IMM = Immigrant
#LGBT = LGBTQIA+ subject matter
#IRMC = Interracial/Multicultural subject matter
#MH = Mental Health subject matter
#DIS = Disability subject matter
#ND = Neurodiverse subject matter