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100: Quill and Sorcery: The Path to Publication

200: The Magic of Fiction

300: The Magic of Nonfiction

400: The Enchanted Alchemy of the Pitch, Query & Synopsis

500: The Wizardry of Self-Publishing

600: Spellbinding Strategies: Book Marketing

700: Oracle of Legal Precedence

800: Enchanting Verses: Exploring the Magic of Poetry

900: Enchanted Ink: Crafting Fantastical Screenplays

1000:Wands and Words: Mastering the Art of Children’s Books


Reader Ready!

Two ways to help you:

Self-publish: We are here to assist you with any aspect of this endeavor that requires support. Whether it’s formatting your manuscript, designing a captivating book cover, or navigating the intricacies of distribution, we’ve got you covered.

Publish: We’ll transform your manuscript or book concept into a published work from inception to completion. Our team of experienced editors will refine your writing, ensuring clarity and coherence. We’ll collaborate with talented designers to create an eye-catching cover that captures the essence of your work. Additionally, we’ll handle the technical aspects, such as typesetting and formatting, leaving you free to focus on your creative process. Throughout the journey, we’ll provide guidance on marketing strategies and promotion, ensuring that your work receives the attention it deserves.


Nail that Query!

Authors are great at writing a book, but when it comes to promoting themselves, well, that is where BookWizard AI comes in.

The AI generator will include the following:

  • Back Cover Book Description
  • Query Letter
  • Synopsis
  • Pitch
  • Grammar and Sentence Structure Proofreading Tool
  • Sentence “Thesaurus”
  • What Genre Is Your Book
  • Author Bio
  • Buzz Social Media

BookWizard Hub is the ultimate destination for authors, guiding you seamlessly from the initial query to the thrilling moment your book hits the shelves. Our innovative platform combines cutting-edge AI technology with a community of experienced professionals to provide you with everything you need for a successful publishing journey.

With BookWizard Hub, you can craft the perfect query letter, harness AI-powered tools to polish your manuscript and connect with top-notch literary agents who specialize in your genre. We’ll help you navigate the complex world of publishing contracts, rights management, and marketing strategies, ensuring your book reaches its full potential.

Join us at BookWizard Hub, where your writing dreams become reality. Elevate your author career with the power of knowledge, support, and expert guidance, all in one place.

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