Purpose BookWizard Hub aspires to be the definitive platform where querying authors and literary agents converge. Our unwavering objective is to maintain our status as the premier application for agents to discover new writing talent effortlessly.

Vision To revolutionize the literary industry by establishing BookWizard’s Apps as the primary nexus for authors and agents seeking meaningful connections.

Mission For Authors: We streamline the querying process, curating essential information, and eliminating the frustration and inefficiency traditionally associated with finding the right agent. For Agents: We provide seamless, around-the-clock access to a world of authors’ pitches, transcending borders and time zones.

Goal Our ambition is for over 80% of authors and agents worldwide to utilize our app annually as their preferred matchmaking service for the next century and beyond.

Core Values

  • Authors First: Our raison d’être is to facilitate authors in their quest for representation. Every decision is gauged by its potential to advance our authors’ interests.
  • Customer Success: Our triumph is a reflection of our customers’ victories. We pledge to support them in achieving exceptional milestones by continuously innovating and broadening our services.
  • Think Big: To lead the querying platform sphere, we commit to unparalleled foresight, creativity, and tenacity. Our quest for excellence is relentless.
  • Empowerment: We are dedicated to empowering individuals and communities globally, as well as fostering growth within BookWizard Hub.
  • Informed Decisions: We uphold the principle that knowledge is power and advocate for perpetual learning.
  • Daily Impact: We strive for excellence, seek solutions with gusto, and are motivated daily to make a significant contribution through our skills, zeal, and diligent efforts.

Bio BookWizard Hub Inc. was born from the quest to solve a prevalent problem in the literary world. Inspired by a Dragon’s Den episode, our founder, Constance Santego, was determined to address a personal grievance—the arduous process of finding a compatible literary agent.

Authors understand the struggle all too well. The solution seemed simple yet profound: An intuitive way to connect authors and agents. And so, BookWizard Hub transformed the complex to the convenient with just a swipe.

But our vision didn’t stop there. Understanding the multifaceted role of literary agents, we sought to alleviate their burden. Agents juggle a myriad of responsibilities, from managing their current authors to scouring the sea of queries for potential gems—all this often extending beyond the standard workday.

Imagine being an agent with a deluge of queries, contractual negotiations, and the mission to turn a manuscript into a bestseller. It’s a partnership where the stakes are high, and the rewards hinge on exceptional judgment.

BookWizard Hub simplifies this intricate dance. We’ve crafted a discreet portal for agents to explore authors’ pitches at their leisure, uncovering tomorrow’s literary success stories.